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Young Red Foxes Original Oil Painting


Introducing "Life's Little Pleasures" featuring two adorable fox kits playfully nuzzling each other against a soft, muted green background. This charming piece perfectly captures the innocent and heartwarming moments of nature, making it a beautiful addition to any wildlife lover's collection. The details of the fox kits, from their fluffy fur to their curious eyes, are expertly depicted by the artist, bringing the artwork to life. Displaying this artwork in your home or office will surely bring a sense of joy and tranquility as you admire the gentle interaction between these two young foxes. Bring a touch of the wild into your space with this delightful "Life's Little Pleasures" wildlife art piece.


"Life's Little Pleasures"

10 x 10 inch oil on canvas covered board. 


Young Red Foxes Original Oil Painting

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