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Wildlife Pencil and Ink Drawing - My First Artistic Adventure
Wild Animal Drawing with Oil on Paper - My New Favorite Pastime

Some of the drawings in this collection were created as early as the 1980's and 1990's.  When I finally picked up art supplies as an adult, pencil and ink were my chosen mediums.  I enjoyed spending hours on a piece, meticulously creating accurate drawings.  The detailed meticulous drawings you see here were done in those early years, and as I have aged I have loosened up and embraced less detail in favor of more expressive strokes.


My new white and black artworks are more loose and expressive as those early pieces. I have expanded this most enjoyable genre to include charcoal and white oil on black professional papers. 

Black and White

Available Paintings

and Drawings

In Order of Appearance

Northern Pygmy Owl


Morning Flight

Snow Leopard

The Rest

Yellowstone Mustang Mare

First Howl

Midnight Wanderer


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