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Explore my Sandra J Schultz California Collection, featuring a diverse array of paintings meticulously crafted in either my current studio at Big Rock Ranch in Somerset or former studio nestled in the cozy beach town of Baywood Park, California. The generous space of the California studio perfectly accommodates larger-scale works, while also fostering the creation of smaller treasures, like my beloved 'Little Spotty Knabstrupper.'

"In late 2016, bidding adieu to our Baywood Park studio marked the beginning of an adventurous journey across the western states in pursuit of our ideal settling spot. Despite traversing vast landscapes and realizing the elusive nature of perfection, we found ourselves drawn back to the central coast. There, we erected a charming tiny house on wheels on a dear friend's property. Amidst this transitional phase, painting took a backseat, yet the emergence of the remarkable 36 x 24 inch Desert Bighorn Sheep painting in this collection remains a testament to perseverance. Created within the confines of our still-evolving tiny abode, I defied limitations by balancing the canvas on my lap, and painting with unwavering determination. Held in my private collection as a symbol of overcoming challenges, "Desert Bighorn" is now offered for art enthusiasts to cherish and admire. I hope you enjoy "Desert Bighorn" and this collection."  Sandra

Choose from the Sandra J Schultz
California Studio Wildlife Painting Collection

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