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"I began to paint seriously in about 2013.  I loved watercolor - and I struggled to teach myself to use that very unforgiving medium.  At first I primarily painted birds, flowers and landscapes, and I created a YouTube channel to help others to get off the ground with their own painting goals.  Some of the watercolor paintings that I videoed are available here, like my African Yellow White-Eye, a loose and fluid Blue Delphinium series, and more.  One of my beginner's videos "Painting Water Drops in Watercolor" currently has nearly a quarter million views.  Most of my early paintings were snapped up by collectors quickly, but as I gained proficiency, I began to drift toward oil, and I took to that medium with much more ease than watercolor.  Among this watercolor collection are remaining works that were painted in 2013 through 2016 that have not yet found their forever homes, along with new watercolor and gouache paintings." 

Choose from the Sandra J Schultz, Master Wildlife Artist Watercolor Painting Collection

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