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Paintings from my yearly retreat back to my home in the Wisconsin Northwoods

Embark on a journey into the heart of Wisconsin's Northwoods with this debut series of wildlife oil paintings, crafted during the summer of 2021 at our secluded off-the-grid lake cabin. The series contained 30 paintings, and many went to their new homes almost immediately even before I was able to photograph them.  The ones in this collection were either kept in my personal collection for a time, or have not yet found their forever homes.  These artworks capture my vision of the wildlife that thrives in Northern Wisconsin.

Our cozy Wisconsin cabin

Our off the grid cabin, designed and built by Tom and me with hand tools and a lot of determination.

Choose from Off the Grid in 2021
Original Wildlife Paintings Created at Our Lake Cabin in Northern Wisconsin

Off the Grid in 2021

Available Paintings

In Order of Appearance

The Duchess

Blue Jay

It's Right There

Alaskan Malamute

Cassowary Bird

Life's Little Pleasures


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