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Paintings from my yearly retreat back to my home in the Wisconsin Northwoods

During our 2023 yearly retreat to our Wisconsin cabin, my best friend RozieMay and I were again able to spend lots of time at our favorite lakes in the deep northwoods of Wisconsin.  This year, the theme for my off the grid series turned out to be ".... what if?"  With every piece, I challenged myself to attempt things that I would like to avoid in my paintings.  There are many of these, but a big one is creating interesting but not fussy backgrounds.  I also changed my color palette and used a pretty laughable set of totally inferior brushes that, when I was packing, for some reason I thought would be just fine.  Go figure.

Hand build Off-The-Grid cabin in Wisconsin

Our off the grid cabin, designed and built by Tom and I with hand tools and a lot of determination.

Choose from Off the Grid in 2023
Original Paintings Created at Our Lake Cabin in Northern Wisconsin

Off the Grid 2023

Available Paintings

In Order of Appearance

Dawn Patrol

Grizzly Meadow

Rusty Spotted Cat

The Overflight

Young Vincent

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