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Sales from my site are secure.

When you click buy now, you will be directed away from my site to the secure checkout page where the transaction will take place.  You will have a variety of payment options including in person cash payments.  I do not see any of your payment information, only your shipping address and any message you add.


I usually ship paintings within a day of purchase unless the painting needs to be varnished or I need to get an appropriately sized shipping box.  If shipping will be delayed I always let the buyer know why and when to expect their new artwork.


I also sell my art on Etsy and sometimes on Ebay.  You may also see my art on sites like Saatchi and Fine Are America.  In all cases, when my art is sold from places other than my website, I charge shipping.  This is to offset the commission fees charged by the selling venue, so buying directly through my website is always the most economical choice for you, with the added plus of direct communication with me without the corporate filter between us.

Quality and Returns

I photograph my paintings myself and I do not do any enhancements other than to adjust when my camera over exposes images.  My paintings always look better in person than in photographs.  Even so, and although it hasn't happened yet, there may come a time when a collector purchases a piece from me and decides not to keep it.  This may be because it doesn't fit into their space as they thought it would, colors are slightly different that what they saw on their computer monitor, or a lot of other reasons.  All purchases of art from me are returnable within 14 days, no explanation necessary.  If you would like to return a piece, please repack it in its original condition back into the box that you received it in.  I do ask that you pay return shipping at this time.  I may need to find a way to offer free return shipping in the future, but since it hasn't happened, I haven't researched how to do that economically yet.


I am always happy to chat with collectors.  It brightens my day and temporarily gives my head a rest out of my studio to discuss my paintings or anything to do with art.  Simply fill out the comment form.  I'd love to hear from you

Thank you for your interest in my work,

Sandra J

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