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Hello.  My name is Sandra J Schultz.  I am a wildlife biologist, artist, pilot, scuba diver, kayaker and vegetable rancher.  I am a dyed in the wool hermit and an extreme animal lover. I grew up in the deep northwoods of Wisconsin, and spent a good deal of my youth wandering alone through the woods.  I learned to truly appreciate nature: the beautiful sparkles of light on a frosty morning, the flash of a deer's tail, the startle as a grouse rose from the bushes nearly at my feet.  I loved it all and still do.


I became aware at an early age that few people saw nature the way I did, and I always wanted to record nature as I saw it. My artistic documentation of nature began in the early 1990's, and over the years I have honed my skill and worked with a variety of mediums.  My art has evolved from pencil and ink, to sculpture, to watercolor, to oil, but no matter which medium I choose, my goal is always to convey what I see when I look at animals.  I see their souls.  So if you love animals, and when you look at them you see the immensely superior beings they are, you will probably love my artwork. I thank you for that. You are my people.

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