Sandra J paints to portray the beauty, depth and value of the animals with whom we share our planet.  Her early realizations of the diverse life around her began in the deep northwoods of  Wisconsin.  An only child in a family of 10, her thoughts, activities  and method of survival was to go deep.  Solitary walks through the woods, solitary time spent laying in the hay beneath the head of our cud chewing cow Rusty, solitary time spent with her half draft horse Blaze. Always automatically seeing and retaining minute details of them and all the creatures she saw, it seemed predestined that she would begin to record their images. 

Sandra studied wildlife biology with an emphasis on black bears at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point, and then started a biological consulting company that she and Tom still operate.  She lives and creates in the beautiful foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains of California in the winter, and in the deep northwoods of Wisconsin in the summer. 

Always looking forward, her work is constantly evolving and she anticipates a lifetime of growth and opportunity as an artist.