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Paintings from my yearly retreat back to my home
in the Wisconsin Northwoods

My best friend and sidekick RozieMay of the Golden Retrievers and I spent the summer of 2022 at our off the grid cabin in the deep northwoods of Wisconsin.  With a pristine lake around every corner (almost), we had lots of water time.  I was also able to accomplish a series of paintings with a new and much loved technique I just discovered and tweaked to make my own.  I completed 20 paintings, and 14 of them made it into this finished group. My theme for this series is western wildlife.

Off the grid cabin built by Tom Applegate and Sandra Schultz

Our off the grid cabin, designed and built by Tom and I with hand tools and a lot of determination.

Choose from Off the Grid in 2022
Original Wildlife Paintings Created at Our Lake Cabin in Northern Wisconsin

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