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The Prairie Spirit series is a collection of 5 original bison paintings in oil on watercolor ground over board.  They each measure 9 x 7.25 inches.  They are unframed.  Bison are one of my favorite animals, and I try to portray their spirit using a variety of methods in different paintings.  In this series, I tried to capture their fleeting moments, their vulnerability, and their beauty.  Did I accomplish that?  Only you can say.

This series is nearly sold out.  Only Prairie Spirit 3 is still available.  That's fine with me though, because it is my personal favorite of the series!

Select from the Prairie Spirit Yellowstone Bison Series
Buffalo Original Oil Paintings

Prairie Spirit

Available Paintings

In Order of Appearance

Prairie Spirit 3

Prairie Spirit 1

Prairie Spirit 2

Prairie Spirit 4

Prairie Spirit 5

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