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Morro Bay Rock California Seascape Oil Painting


Introducing Morro Rock from the Northeast, Morro Bay California, captured in a stunning seascape landscape during sunset. This breathtaking art piece showcases the iconic Morro Rock, a volcanic plug that rises dramatically from the Pacific Ocean, surrounded by the warm, golden hues of the setting sun. The artist has beautifully captured the tranquil and serene atmosphere of the Morro Bay coastline, as the calm ocean waves gently caress the rugged cliff sides. The rich, vibrant colors and detailing in this landscape art piece will transport you to the picturesque shores of Morro Bay, where the natural beauty of the California coast is on full display. Add a touch of coastal elegance to any space with this mesmerizing Morro Rock seascape landscape sunset art.


After looking at #morrorock nearly every day for over 25 years, I finally decided to paint it.  I dabbled around with sketches before but only now decided to actually create a serious painting of it.  The tremendously huge rock located just off the town of #MorroBay #California was frequently capped with clouds, and I wanted to include that in the painting.

This #morrorockpainting is on an 11x14 inch stretched canvas in a silver frame.


Morro Rock, standing at a height of 581 feet (177 m)[1], is among a collection of 13 geological formations in #SanLuisObispo County in California. These formations include volcanic plugs, remnants of extinct volcanoes, as well as lava domes and sheetlike intrusions. They stretch from Morro Bay in the north to #IslayHill in the south.  Primarily composed of dacite, a volcanic rock, Morro Rock also contains petrified bird feces that have compacted into the structure over time.  These formations date back to the #Oligoceneepoch, which occurred approximately 27 to 23 million years ago.


14x11 inches


Morro Bay Rock California Seascape Oil Painting

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