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Abstract Ocean Landscape Original Oil Painting


Dive into the depths of the ocean with this breathtaking original oil painting on board. Featuring an unusual undersea view, this piece takes you on a journey beneath the surface, looking up at the splashing waves and golden sun above. The artist's use of color brings this abstract undersea landscape to life, capturing the movement and energy of the ocean. Perfect for ocean art enthusiasts or anyone looking to bring a piece of the sea into their home, this painting is a stunning representation of the beauty and power of the underwater world. Add a touch of nautical elegance to any space with this mesmerizing undersea landscape.


Snorkeling in Hawaii was the inspiration for this painting.  In some areas, the flat ocean bottom seemed to go on forever without a fish in sight.  In other areas, rocks and coral were home to so many beautiful and sometimes scary fish.  What adventures we had!



This original oil on repurposed wood panel measures about 31.5x30 inches. It is framed with a simple natural wood edge frame.  Exterior frame dimensions are approximately 33 x 31.5.

Abstract Ocean Landscape Original Oil Painting

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