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Introducing "Mining Shack", a vibrant landscape painting inspired by the stunning Sierra Nevada Mother Lode Region.  "Mining Shack" depicts a rustic, weathered structure nestled among the rugged terrain and towering pines of the area. The artist has beautifully captured the colors and textures of the landscape in rich earth tones.  Each brushstroke brings to life the history and character of this iconic region, making it the perfect addition to any art lover's collection. Bring a piece of the Sierra Nevada Motherlode Region into your home with this captivating and evocative painting.


"Mining Shack"

This is one of my favorite small paintings!  I love how the loose thick foreground brush strokes of dark paint coexist with the bright yellow and white tones that lead the eye in a meandering way to the abandoned structures on the edge of the forest. 


This is one of the paintings in my Golden Mean series, so it is 9 x 14.5 inches on birch panel.  It has been varnished and is ready to go to its new home.



Mining Shack

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