I'm Still Here!

We have been on a long journey over the last year, and I am just now becoming able to write about it. On December 31 2016, we moved out of our house intending to travel, paint, explore, and find a new place to live. We traveled a lot, but painting didn't work. It turned out to be the coldest and rainiest California winter in a very long time. We did our best to find a non-California place to live. New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Wisconsin, and then when non of them turned out, we tried northern California. Finally, one year and 2 weeks later we had to make up our minds. Our 13 year old precious golden retriever Mazie had a huge seizure and we knew that our traveling days had to stop. Our belongings and friends were still in the same central California coast area, and we migrated back only to find that house prices had exploded and the same with rentals. No way could we afford to buy or rent, and we really didn't want to anyway. Sooooo while we were still reeling from Mazie's seizure, we made the decision that we would build a tiny home on wheels. We asked our friend if we could park it at her house in the country, and went about searching for a trailer to build it on. Two days after S-day, Tom drove off to buy our trailer, and three days after S-day we bought building materials. I quickly did a house plan, and on day 4 we got another load of materials and were about to start to build when I stepped off the edge of the asphalt and broke my leg. Well THAT was convenient. It's been 3 weeks today since I broke it and even gimping around with a cast on my leg, we are getting a lot. done. We have the walls up, roof on, floor in, put up the deck, and are building a ramp so precious Mazie can come and go, then the door goes on and we are IN. We will build the house around us.

So you see, I really do have a good excuse for not posting videos lately. I have absolutely NO place to paint, but I will very soon. I plan to have an outdoor art studio on the deck, and film there until I find a place inside to film.

Please hang in there. I'm trying hard to get back to painting!

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