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Snow Leopard Portrait Painting in oil on paper


Introducing our original wildlife painting featuring the stunning Snow Leopard, a symbol of conservation and grace. This beautiful artwork captures the elusive and majestic nature of one of the world's most endangered big cats. The intricate details and lifelike portrayal of the Snow Leopard's markings make this piece a captivating addition to any wildlife art collection. Painted with precision and care, this artwork truly brings the spirit of the wild into any space. Embrace the power and beauty of the Snow Leopard with this exquisite painting, perfect for any nature enthusiast or wildlife lover. Bring a touch of the untamed wilderness into your home with this remarkable piece of wildlife art.


:Snow Leopard"

9x12 inches

white oil on black pastel paper

finished with Dorland's finishing wax and mounted on artist's board for framing without glass if desired.

Snow Leopard Portrait Painting in oil on paper

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