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Prairie Spirit 5 Original Bison Oil Painting


Experience the raw beauty and power of the American bison with this stunning original oil on board painting. The artist's attention to detail captures the majestic spirit of these iconic creatures as they roam the prairie. The rich, earthy tones bring the untamed essence of the prairie right into your living space. Whether you're a lover of wildlife art or simply drawn to the rugged beauty of the American West, this bison painting is sure to make a statement in any room.


The Prairie Spirit series is a collection of 5 bison paintings in oil on watercolor ground over board.  They each measure 9 x 7.25 inches, and they are unframed as of now.  Bison are one of my favorite animals, and I try to portray their spirit using a variety of methods in different paintings.  In this series, I tried to capture their fleeting moments, their vulnerability, and their beauty.  Did I accomplish that?  Only you can say.


Original Wildlife Art - Bison, buffalo, American buffalo
    7.25 x 9 inches
    oil on watercolor ground panel
    SERIES:  Prairie Spirit
The last photo shows the last remaining paintings from this series together on a wall.

Prairie Spirit 5 Original Bison Oil Painting

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