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Northern Pygmy Owl Detailed Ink Drawing on Paper


This mesmerizing original Northern Pygmy Owl ink drawing on paper by wildlife artist Sandra J Schultz captures the intricate beauty of this extraordinary bird of prey. Perched in a pine tree, the owl gazes directly into your eyes, drawing you in with its intense and captivating stare. Every feather and feature is meticulously detailed in this ink drawing, bringing the owl to life on the page. A must-have for any wildlife art enthusiast, this exquisite piece would make a striking addition to any collection or a unique and memorable gift for a fellow nature lover. Embrace the magic of the natural world with this extraordinary Northern Pygmy Owl ink drawing.


"Northern Pygmy Owl"

Original: ink on acid free paper. 

11x15.5 inches in a 15.5x19.5 inch mat.

Northern Pygmy Owl Detailed Ink Drawing on Paper

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