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Northern Gannets Original Watercolor Painting


Introducing a stunning original watercolor wildlife art piece featuring two Northern Gannets captured in a mesmerizing mating ritual pose. The soft rendering of the seabirds' feathers and beaks are beautifully depicted, creating a lifelike and captivating image. Set against an abstract turquoise background, the contrast between the birds and the vibrant color makes this piece a striking addition to any art collection. The artist has expertly captured the grace and beauty of these magnificent creatures, making this art not only a visually stunning piece, but also a celebration of nature's wonders. Add a touch of elegance and natural beauty to your home or office with this exquisite portrayal of Northern Gannets in their natural mating ritual.


The northern gannet (Morus bassanus) is a seabird, the largest species of the gannet family, Sulidae. It is native to the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean, breeding in Western Europe and Northeastern North America. It is the largest seabird in the northern Atlantic.[2][3] The sexes are similar in appearance. The adult northern gannet has a mainly white streamlined body with a long neck, and long and slender wings. It is 87–100 cm (34+1239+12 in) long with a 170–180 cm (67–71 in) wingspan. The head and nape have a buff tinge that is more prominent in breeding season, and the wings are edged with dark brown-black feathers. The long, pointed bill is blue-grey, contrasting with black, bare skin around the mouth and eyes. Juveniles are mostly grey-brown, becoming increasingly white in the five years it takes them to reach maturity.


"Gannet Love"

11 x 16 inch watercolor on paper covered board

Sealed and waxed for display without glass


Northern Gannets Original Watercolor Painting

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