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Mountain Lion Panther Original Oil Painting


Add an air of mystery and danger to your home with this captivating original oil tonalist painting titled "Lock Down." The stunning piece features a stalking mountain lion, also known as a cougar or panther, captured in a moment of intense focus and determination. The artist expertly uses tonalist techniques to create a sense of depth and emotion, drawing the viewer into the wild world of the majestic predator. This unique and impactful wildlife art would make a striking addition to any nature lover's collection, bringing the untamed beauty of the natural world into your living space. Whether you're a fan of wildlife art or a hunter at heart, "Lock Down" is sure to make a powerful statement in any room.


"Lock Down"

Mountain lion, cougar, panther painting.

9 x 7.25 inches oil on muslin covered board.

Antique natural sepia tones.


Mountain Lion Panther Original Oil Painting

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