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Harpy Eagle original oil painting on linen board

This stunning original oil painting features the majestic Harpy Eagle, a powerful raptor known for its impressive size and keen hunting prowess. The artist has expertly captured the intense gaze and fierce demeanor of this bird of prey, creating a lifelike and dynamic piece of artwork. With meticulous attention to detail, the painting showcases the Harpy Eagle's hunting pose and  striking plumage, making it a captivating addition to any bird art collection. Whether you're a fan of wildlife art or a bird enthusiast, this exquisite painting is sure to make a striking statement in any room. Add a touch of the wild to your home or office with this remarkable Harpy Eagle original oil painting.


"Harpy Eagle"

This original oil on linen covered board painting is a favorite of mine.  The fierce stare of this magnificent gives many a monkey understandable dread.  "Harpy Eagle" is one of my Golden Mean series, so it measures  9" x 14.5" inches.  The painting is on linen covered board.


Harpy Eagle original oil painting on linen board

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