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Eastern Bluebird original bird watercolor painting


This original watercolor painting captures an Eastern Bluebird alight on the trunk of a tree.  In the making of this piece, the blues and russet watercolor paints were encouraged to flow for a dreamy soft result.  The bluebird clings to the bark of the tree, created by soft flowing color along with sharp detail.  The result is a Eastern bluebird brought to life with precision and care. The painting is expertly mounted on a cradled board, providing a sturdy and elegant display option for any wall or surface.  The painting is finished with Dorland's archival finishing wax for display without glass.  Bring a touch of the outdoors into your home with this delightful Eastern Bluebird watercolor painting.


"Eastern Bluebird"

8x8 inches

watercolor on professional paper on cradled board


Eastern Bluebird original bird watercolor painting

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