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Eagle oil painting silhouetted against a moody sky


Thank you for your interest in my original wildlife artwork.  If you like this piece it is likely that I have more paintings that you would like as well.  Please visit my secure shopping website at to learn more about me and view my currently available works, along with archived pieces.  Most paintings on my website ship free.  If you would like to ask questions, I am happy to answer.  Please fill out my website contact form and I will get back to you soon!


Add a touch of wilderness to your home with this stunning original eagle silhouette artwork. The powerful image of the eagle soaring overhead against a moody sky and dusky leaved trees creates a sense of freedom and natural beauty. This eye-catching piece will make a strong statement in any room and is a must-have for bird enthusiasts and nature lovers. The carefully crafted details of the eagle and the surrounding environment make this artwork a unique and captivating addition to any bird art collection. Bring the majesty of the eagle into your home with this original silhouette artwork.


7x9 inch oil on muslin board


Eagle oil painting silhouetted against a moody sky

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