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Welcome to my online wildlife fine art gallery.

Browse contemporary available artwork and series of oil and watercolor paintings, and drawings with pencil, ink and charcoal.  My subjects are typically wild, including bear, elk, wild horses, bighorn sheep, mountain goat, mountain lion, fox, birds and many more.

I am a wildlife biologist and artist with working studios in Wisconsin and California.  I support conservation and humane organizations.  A portion of every purchase / sale from this website goes to a well vetted humanitarian or environmental organization doing important work to protect and support animals.

This wildlife series in oil was painted while I was staying at our off the grid cabin in Wisconsin during the summer of 2022.  It features paintings of western wildlife.  All are painted with oil on board, some with linen and some with muslin.  The pieces in this series are not yet framed.  They will receive matching custom rustic wood frames similar to the Sierra Raptors.

Lock Down.jpg

This Raptors of the Sierra Nevada Mountains series was painted in my California studio with watercolor on textured watercolor ground over board.  The paintings are sealed with UV protecting varnish and are meant to be displayed as the are - not behind glass.  These avian bird paintings were completed in 2022.  This series is framed with matching custom rustic wood frames.

Raptor Series harris's hawk.jpg

I'm still working on photographing and posting this collection.  I think that of the 28 paintings I created for this series, only about 5 remain available. All of these were created during my Summer of 2021 yearly retreat at our off the grid cabin in northern Wisconsin.  Please check back .....

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This collection consists of currently available paintings that were created in my California studio between the years of 2017 and 2022.  I have more space in California so my large paintings are done there, but I also indulge is small delights like "Little Spotty" shown here.  Little Spotty is a favorite around here...


This is a sampling of my paintings that have migrated to their forever homes.  This is just a sampling because to tell you the truth, I used to be pretty awful at photographing and posting paintings.  I'm still not great at it (I still tend to take long "vacations" away from my website duties), but I'm really trying to get better at this.....

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